AC CSFmonitor on camera

The Ultimate Articulating Arm System:

Ultra Light
Ultra Strong
Ultra Adjustable
Ultra Durable
Ultra Adaptable
Ultra Control for your Production


For Red Users: Small compact arm for your LCD:

AD-1420-2 on each end, DB-05 5" arm length, 2 AC-CS clamps. Over all length is: 11.5" (29cm)

Lengths from 3" to 16"

armlength                       AC CSsm 1AC-CS Clamp to attach two balls together

AC CSFAC-CSF This clamp allows 15 degrees side to side movement of the balls.

AC TCSAC-TCS - Triple clamp for attaching 3 balls together

Monitor brackets

AC-SHD - "SmallHD" on-camera monitor adapter.  Works on the back or bottom of the monitors.  Comes with T-knob; but you may request the allen bolt
and allen wrench.
If you desire to have this with the pins and T-knob facing the other way, that is a special order and you will need to request it. 

                                                                                                                AC SHD

Other Monitor brackets 

                                                    AC MB

AC MB on monitor 

AC-MB - Fit most monitors with 1/4-20 threaded hole


AC-MBL (longer monitor bracket) available in 3/8 or 1/4 thread, 

Please specify which thread
can be used on the 9" Panasonic monitor. 
Ball mounted horizontally

AC MBL vert

AC-MBL with the ball mounted in the vertical position

AD 3816fmsm

AD-3816 - Male version on left, female version on right.
Stud can be any length you need

cardelliniclamp AD-1420 on a Mini Cardellini clamp with 1/4-20 female end and 1 3/4" jaw ($58 without ball) (pic on left) 
Clamp is CARD-MC


BA-HB on Skinny-Mini Microphone Cardellini Clamp  15/16" jaw ($58 without ball) (pic on right).Clamp is CARD-SMC Balls are extra

BA HB AD HS HSSnewsm BA Arri
BA-HB ball will work on any 1/4-20 threaded hole. Comes with a socket head cap screw (uses allen tool) and a lock washer for under the head of the bolt. AD-HS and AD-HSS
Hot shoe adapter, base made of aluminum (left) Hot shoe adapter, base made of stainless steel (right)Tightens with the thumbscrew
Base adapters for the Arri cameras with locator pins

Universal Balls

AD-1420, AD-3816

These shown are 1/4-20; but all 4 on the left are made in stock with 3/8-16

Broadcast Camera Adapter

NewBA BCmountsmBA-BC
Broadcast camera mount knurled. Knob attaches
the camera. Ball is afixed permanently. 

No tools needed to attach this part to the camera.

C-15-RB  Rod Clamp for 15mm standard rods

Has 10 threaded holes (1/4-20) for adding BA-HB balls

C 15 RBsm


                                                                                                      C-15-RBL Rod Clamp  15mm Rail Block long,  for 15mm stajndard rods at 60mm and 100mm

                                                                                            Has 10 threaded holes (1/4-20) for adding BA-HB balls

            C 15 RBL


DSC 0300BA PAN72BA-PAN Panavision adapter, for Panavision cameras and can be used on our C-15-RB rail clamp.  Diameter 15mm.

C 15 RBwarmsmC 15 RBonrailssm

The arm shown here is the SBSS-5RB with specific hardware allowing it to pivot without coming unscrewed. Available in 8" also

AC-HBM - Handle Bar Clamp 7/8" size