Digital tray for housings with two screw holes for attaching on the bottom.


Housings for this tray: Ikelite small and medium with female threads on the bottom, Olympus Pen housing, PT-EP01, PT-E05, PT-E06, Fisheye Fix housings, RecSea housings, Nauticam housings, any housing that has two threaded holes in the bottom of the housing. If your housing only has one threaded hole then you need the TR-D tray. This tray will accept either the AC-H handle or the TR-DHB handle. Use the TR-DUP or TR-DUPL on the right side to make it a double tray for dual strobes. A second handle, AC-H can be added or the AD-3816-2 ball for the base of the arm for the second strobe.


A longer version upgrade TR-DUPL can be added for a larger housing, this upgrade piece will only accept the AC-H handle. This allows you to move the handle right or left for your personal comfort.



Digital tray and handle system, for use with most small polycarbonate housing made by Olympus, Sony, Minolta, Casio, Panasonic, Canon, Fuji, Sea and Sea and others. Those housings with only one threaded hole in the bottom.





AD 3816 2
This tray can be upgraded to a double tray with our TR-DUP (below)      If you would like to have a strobe on the right side or a spotting light, then you would add a ball AD-3816-2 to the tray, or a second handle


TR-DUP is the upgrade piece to make it a double tray. The extra vertical piece (block) does not have to be added, screws are supplied for attaching the tray to the upgrade with or without the drop down. All a matter of preference.

If all you need is a tray, handle and spotting light, then this setup is what you need:

The tray (TR-D) has a handle TR-DH with a spotting light adapter AC-SPL attached

If you want to put a arm for a strobe on this handle you need to take off the spotting light and add a ball BA-HB

  TR D DH SPL272
This is a picture of it all attached (This is a TR-D (tray) TR-DHB (handle), BA-FBD (plate), and AC-SPL light holder for a small flashlight only)
  AC FBdigital72
If you want both the ball and the spotting light adapter then you need to attach the mounting plate BA-FBd and then both will work


Ikelite Tray TR-IK

tr ik ikelitesm

Ikelite tray TR-IK designed for the mid size housing (the housings have 3/8 bolts with nuts protruding below the housing). For all you G9-G16 housing owners, this tray and handle gives you a light weight option. Takes AC-H or AC-HQD handle which can be adjusted left or right depending on how close you would like your hand to the housing. Add a second handle, by adding the TR-DUPL upgrade then the AC-H handle.



TR-DUPL upgrade


TR IK on housing 



Pivot (CP-Oly) for Olympus housings and many others

PT 015pivot PT 015bt

Pivots allow you to go from horizontal to vertical with the push of a button, the position of your strobes does not need to be changed. Get those great verticals you see on magazine covers.

Ikelite's Digital housings, tray and quick disconnect handle

Ik coolpix 5Ikelite's tray and quick disconnect handle will accept Ultralight arms. They have a push button handle that will accept the our BA-IK (base adapter) then build your arm from there.

BA-IKT AND BA-IK for use on Ikelites quick release handle. Taller version of the BA-IK, allows you to mount Ikelite's Manual Controller # 4100.6 Manual Controller which can be utilized to provide 10 power settings in half-stop increments or Ikelite's older TTL slave sensor.


Other digital housings

Please contact us with your particular brand of housing and we can figure out a base adapter, tray or maybe a pivot for it.