Ultralight makes a single tray (for one strobe) and a pivot (for one or two strobes) for the RS camera. Our products are so light weight and add very little weight to the already heavy camera you own.

TR-RSS - Single tray with wrist support

Nikon RS   Nikon RS   Nikon RS
Single RS tray with BA-DB, dovetail base on the left, comes with a wrist support (AC-WS), removable, on right   Single RS tray with AD-3816, base adapter on the left, comes with a wrist support, removable, on right   Single RS tray with AC-H, handle on the left, comes with a wrist support, removable, on right

CP-RS - Pivot tray

Nikon RS   Nikon RS
RS pivot with handle on left and wrist support (AC-WS) on right (optional)   RS camera on a pivot in the vertical position


Base Adapters for the Single Tray

There is a built in dovetail on the left side of the tray. You will need to add a BA-DT (straight ball) or a BA-AD (angled ball) adapter to slide into this dovetail. It is highly recommended that you purchase the wrist support, AC-WS with the pivot. The wrist support allows you to relax your right hand from the tight grip you keep on it. The wrist support is adjustable for different hand sizes. The thumb screw allows it to move left or right and it fits over the back of your hand.

Nikon RS

Base Adapters for the Pivot Tray

For the pivot, base adapters can be attached to one or both sides. A handle is a nice addition to the left side. You have a choice of a handle (AC-H) or a quick disconnect handle (AC-HQD). These handles mount with a handle bracket (AC-HB). This bracket allows you to move the handle from right to left so you can have a nice compact system for macro or moved all the way to the left will allow you to pivot the camera is you have something in the “cold” shoe on top of the camera.

If you are going to be doing dual strobe photography with your pivot, you will need a base adapter for the right arm set. You have three choices:
BA-DB - Dovetail shoe (plate) with a BA-AD (angled dovetail ball)
BA-DB - Dovetail shoe (plate) with a BA-DT (dovetail ball)
BA-AQN - A fixed base ball direct to the pivot

If you do not desire a handle on the left, these three base adapters can be used on the left side as well as the right side.

Attachment for Spotting Lights

Attachments for spotting light adapters on top of the wrist support, call for details. There are many accessories available for spotting lights.



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