This page shows some older products that we still have stock of.  They are still available for sale


Sekonic Light Meter Clamps

AC-SEK - Sekonic Light Meter Clamp fits in the arm set in place of a regular clamp (left)AC-SEKB - Sekonic Light Meter bracket, mounts in any threaded 1/4-20 hole. (left)

Both of these Sekonic items are in limited quantites, when they are gone there will not be any more produced.


Misc. Strobes

  • AD-Mor - For the Morris Strobe (no longer available)
  • AD-MCD - For the MCD Strobe (no longer available)
  • AD-8mm - For most European strobes with an 8mm threaded hole
  • AD-SR - For Sonic Research Strobes or Oceanic Strobes (no longer available)
  • AD-LS - For some Amphibicio lights and land strobes used topside



DSCN0213Adapters for most strobes (left to right)


CP-NK Pivot Tray

DSCN0166   DSCN0169
Pivot without any attachments   Nikonos on a pivot with handle on left and BA-AQN on right

CP-NK - Our pivot tray that can be used for one or two strobes for use with Nikonos cameas only.

For the pivot, base adapters can be attached to one or both sides. A handle is a nice addition to the left side. This handle mounts with a handle bracket.

(AC-HB). This bracket allows you to move the handle from right to left so you can have a nice compact system for macro or moved all the way to the left will allow you to pivot the camera with a large view finder on it.




If you are using dual strobes with your pivot, you will need a base adapter for the right arm set. You have three choices:

  • BA-AD - Dovetail shoe (plate) with a BA-AD, an angled dovetail ball
  • BA-DB - Dovetail shoe (plate) with a BA-DT, dovetail ball
  • BA-AQN - A fixed base ball direct to the pivot

If you do not desire a handle on the left, these three base adapters can be used on the left side also.