Ikelite Housings

Some Ikelite housings come with a tray and handle or two handles with a push button release. Our BA-IK pictured above will fit in that handle.
Taller version of the BA-IKT, allows you to mount Ikelite's Manual Controller # 4100.6 Manual Controller which can be utilized to provide
10 power settings in half-stop increments or Ikelite's older TTL slave sensor. AD 1420 IK ver

For the new Ikelite DSLR housing, use AD-1420-IK as the ball for the threaded hole in the
middle of the housing
, this will allowyou to add a spotting light.

arm outline

Sea & Sea, Nexus, Aquatica, Nauticam Housings

All these housings have built in handles with screw holes in the top of them for attaching Ultralight base adapters. Sea & Sea handles may come with a “T” plate already attached to the top of the handle. You can slide a BA-TG over this “T” plate. If your handles do not have a “T” plate or you do not want to use it, there are 3 ways to mount base adapters to the handles. Please specifiy the housing you are using so you will get the correct bolts for it. Some are US and some are metric.

  • BA-TP - T-Plate shoe screws directly to the top of the housing handle
  • BA-TG - Angled adapter slides over the BA-TP
  • BA-AQW- Fixed ball screws directly to the top of the housing
  • BA-AQN - Fixed ball, narrower base screws directly to the top of the housing
  • BA-DT - Straight dovetail to slide into the shoe BA-DB
  • BA-AD - Angled dovetail to slide into the shoe BA-DB
  • BA-DB - Dovetail shoe that accepts the above 2 parts
The BA-TP will then require a BA-TG to go over it. The BA-DB will require a BA-AD or a BA-DT to slide into it. It is important to inform your dealer what you are putting the piece you select onto so they can supply the appropriate thread size bolt or screw for the base adapter. Some are metric, others are US threads.
BA TGTPsm"T" plate, BA-TP with BA-TG


BA-DB (plate)

BA AQsnew


BA-AQW on an Aquatica handle

arm outline

Subal Housings

We make a tray that will fit the bottom of your Subal housing - TR-SBLD. You can then add one or two handles, quick disconnect handles or base adapter AD-3816 to one or both sides of this tray. You can also mount your strobes on top of the housing using the two base adapters specifically designed for Subal.

  • BA SP6mmsmBA-SU - Subal dovetail that would then take a BA-DT, straight dove tail, or a BA-AD, angled dovetail.
  • BA-SA - Angled ball adapter that mounts directly to the top of the housing

BA-SP - Replacement plate for center of Subal housings, the newer housings will not need to replace this plate as the threads are now part of the housing. Our AD-6mm ball then screws into the plate to give you a ball to attach a spotting light to, or directly into the top of the Subal housing.

Subal bases2Base adapters for Subal housings 

Subal Tray with a handle on the left and AD-3816 base adapter on the right

arm outline


SeaCam base adaptersWeb

Sea Cam Housings

The top of the housing comes with two plastic plates. You will need to remove these and replace with any of the following combinations of base adapters: (The BA-TG will not fit on the plate that comes with the housing)

  • BA-AQW- Fixed ball screws directly onto the top of the housing
  • BA-DT - Straight dovetail to slide into the shoe BA-DB
  • BA-AD - Angled dovetail to slide into the shoe BA-DB
  • BA-DB - Dovetail shoe that accepts the above 2 parts


If you would prefer one of our handles on a Sea Cam or Subal housing, you can remove the factory one and replace with this bracket and our handle on one or both sides.

TR-SC bracket to attach to housing then add one of Ultralights handles, the handle is adjustable right to left to accomodate different hand sizes.


For other dSLR housings that do not have a tray, this includes some Sea and Sea housings, or if you want to change the tray that you have to one of ours,
you  would use the TR-SBLD.
TR SBLDThe AC-H (handle) is the one to use on this tray, the large slot allows you to move the handle
left and right for the best adjustment for your hands.  The tray comes with 1420 bolts and 5mm bolts.

TR SBLD IkeliteThis is an Ikelite housing with the TR-SBLD on it.