Strobe and Video Light Adapters

Sea and Sea and Olympus strobes, Epoque, Fisheye, and Fantasea focusing lights

All Sea and Sea Strobe models take the same Ultralight adapter:

  • AD-SS
  • AD-SSL - longer version (3 inches)


Sea & Sea, Olympus Strobe adapters, Epoque, Fisheye,
Intova & Fantasea focusing light adapters


Fisheye Fix modeling light


Ikelite Strobes

Match your model number below. Remove the plastic piece or included ball in the strobes before inserting the Ultralight adapter.

  • AD-200 - For Substrobe 200 or DS 200. Does not have a plastic piece to remove, just screw into threaded hole
  • AD-150- For Substrobe 150, 225, 300 or 400 strobes
  • AD-AI - For the Substrobe 100, AI, or AIn strobes
  • AD-125- For the Substrobe MS, MV, 50, DS 51, DS 125, DS 160, DS 161 (installation instructions)
  • AD-TTL - Fits into the TTL slave sensor or digital slave sensor (see triple clamp picture on clamp page)

Ikelite Strobe Adapters

Ikelite strobe
AD-125 on the DS 51 strobe
  Ikelite 125, 161 strobe
AD-125 on the DS 125 strobe
AD-200 adapter

 AD-IKV - Adapter for Ikelite Pro V8 light


Remove the small plate that has two screws, remove the Ikelite piece, replace with our AD-IKV adapter, replace the small plate and screws.


Nikonos Strobes

  • AD-102 - For the SB 102 strobe
  • AD-103 - For the SB 103 or 105 strobe
  • AD-104 - For the SB 104 strobe

Nikonos strobe adapters


Video Light Adapters

  • AD-UK - Adapter for the UK Sun lights and Light Canon
  • AD-Sola - For all L&M Sola lights that do not come with a ball
  • AD-HID- For the Light and Motion older HID video light (10/32)
  • AD-MOD - For the Light and Motion Sun Ray video light (10/32)
    or most all L&M lights, please specify light
  • AD-SK - For L&M Sidekick light
UK Light Cannon - AD-UK
(adapter plate not sold separately from the ball portion, sold only as a unit)

AD-HID and AD-MOD for most
Light and Motion older lights


for all L&M Sola lightsthat do not come with a ball

 AD-SK "Sidekick" Light
ULCS AD-MOD adapter with correct bolts
for the Light and Motion Sidekick light allowing
you to use ULCS system with your GoPro camera.


Adapter for Underwater Kinetics Aqualite

Underwater Kinetics teamed up with Ultralight for the design of their new Aqualite. Adpater for this new light is: AD-AQ-UK

Ba AQN on Aqualite AD-AQ-UK AD-AQ-UK

Inon Strobe Adapters

BA-HB 6 and AD-IN

Adapters for all Inon strobes, either may be used
(Both come with 6mm bolt)

BA HB6 on strobe
BA-HB6 used here
  AD IN strobe   AD IN strobe
AD-IN used here


Mounting an older SeaLife strobe to Ultralight trays, arms and handles: 

You will not be able to use the current tray or arm.  An Ultralight tray, handle and arms and clamps will need to be purchased. First you will need to remove the plastic flex arm from the strobe, see pictures below:

webSealife1 websealife2 WebSealife3

Then you attach a AD-1420-2 ball with a stud to this nut that you have exposed.
In addition you will need a TR-D tray, TR-DHB handle, 2 arm sections, and 3 clamps

Thank you to Peter Ulrich for the photos and help.