Gates Housings

All Gates housings take our AD-1420-2S adapter screwed into the top of the handles on each sideGates


TR-LB - "L" bracket for compact Ikelite video housings comes with two 12/24 screws for Ikelite

Will accept only the TR-DHB handle.



Canon, Epoque, Patima

Canon, Epoque, and Patima are making housings for consumer video cameras. Our tray the TR-V is designed for these. In each of the three pictures the tray has been upgraded to make it a double tray (for two lights). That part is the TR-DUPL. The handle on the left is the AC-H, the ball on the TR-DUP is the AD-3816-2. You can put a handle on the right if you like, it is all personal preference.

The second two pictures also have the AD-HS, hot shoe adapter on the top of the housings if you desire your light to come off the top or if you want three lights.

TR-VCanon WP-V1
TR-V   TR VonPatimasmweb
 Epoque EHS-1000 HD for Sanyo Exacti HD 1000 & 1010    Patima for Sanyo Xacti


Light and Motion Housings

The Stingray housing requires that you remove the attached piece of lockline tubing that is on the handle and replace it with our BA-LM base adapters. The Mako and the Bluefin housings require that you remove the piece attached to the handle and replace it with our AD-MOD universal adapter or BA-LMB below pictures.

DSCN0229 Light and Motion Underwater DSCN0244
Light and motion housings with base adapters

If you have been using the Light and Motion flex arms and would like to convert to Ultralight arms, remove the bottom piece of the  loc line material and screw in our BA-LMB, now you have a ball on the top of L&M quickie release piece and you can build your arm to your video light from BA-LMB base. You may mount the BA-LMB piece directly to the handle without the quickie release part.


L&M Quickie Release assembly on the left with Ultralight's BA-LMB ball on the right.If you want the quickie release assembly it must be ordered separately from Light and Motion or we can try to order it for you.

Amphibico housings
BA-TG on "T" plates on Amphibico housing

Amphibicio Housings

Most of the Amphibicio housings have a “T” plate attached to the middle of the housing or on each handle. The base adapter that fits on this “T” plate is the BA-TG. If this plate is missing you can add it (BA-TP) or use a BA-AQW instead. Some of the housings have the T-Plate built into the housing, see below.


 Adapter for Amphibicio Phenom Housings



For Amphibico housings that have a built in t-plate use BA-TG and slide from front to back.


Ikelite Video Housing AccessoriesEquinox HousingsEquinox

For equinox housing, you would take the knob off the top of the "wing", use our BA-FBD plate onto the bolt sticking up, then screw back on the knob. Add a ball (AD-1420) on the end of the plate and you have the base for Ultralight arms

Older Ikelite Video Housings

The Ikelite housings come with two handles that have a knob on the top that is easily removed.
Our AD-3816 base adapter will fit on the bolt that is sticking up

For other Video Housings please check with your dealer or with us to figure out a base adapter that will work