Check out this review: http://www.atlasomega.com/2010/08/ultralights-buoyancy-arms


I started using ULCS more than a decade ago in underwater photography and still use all the parts today. All arms and parts are extremely durable, I dare to say you buy ULCS for life. ULCS still offers the best price quality ratio today.

Tim Peters http://fisheyephoto.com


“I’ve been using Ultralight Control products for over a decade. I use them for my underwater Canon 5D system strobes and lights, my RED ONE underwater system lights and external component mounting and above water for all my on camera microphone, monitor and accessory mounting needs. I have a few other arm systems that I have tried over the years and nothing even comes close to the quality, durability and flexibility of all my ULCS gear.”

Conrad Eskelinen Producer/Cinematographer www.divebum.com


"Poor strobe arms seem kinda like lawnmower wheels on a Ferrari.  Love the UCLS arms, no others can quite match their versatility and ease of use."

John Bleidhorn


“Your wonderful arms have solved all of my strobe arm problems. They are easy to move for creative lighting, yet stay steady in the water. The large knobs are easy to adjust, and the buoyancy arms allow me to hold my heavy systems even with a sore shoulder. Nothing else comes close to what your arms accomplish.”

Cathy Church www.cathychurch.com


I began using Ultralight Arms way back when I first started shooting wide-angle underwater with my Nikonos V/15mm combination. I found the need to move my strobes further from my lens to avoid backscatter and get the most out of the powerful strobes I was using. I loved them so much that I tried them while shooting macro and found the ability to position and aim my strobes anywhere I wanted to be a huge advantage. I now use Ultralight Arm systems on all my setups. Lightweight, easy to use and virtually indestructible even in a saltwater environment make them the only choice for me!!

Rob Darmanin www.AquaticImages.com


After returning from a trip to Bikini, diving on deep shipwrecks, Eric Hanauer says, “The pressures of time and narcosis make successful photography difficult; but thanks to my UltraLight arms and the pivot, I was able to shoot and bracket horizontals and verticals and come back with some great shots in difficult conditions. Believe me, I was thanking you while I was shooting. It’s a truly outstanding product.” "The key to successful underwater photography is lighting, and proper strobe placement is essential. No product I’ve ever used before approaches the ease and reliability of UltraLight strobe arms in achieving that goal. All that’s needed is to pre-set the proper tension, then move the strobe heads to the exact position you want. UltraLights will hold them from there. A ball joint at the base of the strobe is the feature that really sets UltraLight apart from the rest. They are light weight and finely engineered, yet extremely rugged, and have given me years of dependable service."

Eric Hanauer www.ehanauer.com


“I have tried many systems to carry my underwater strobes and only the one from UltraLight has performed reliably for me in all conditions. It has proven to be light, easy to control and provides me with a lock on the positioning of the strobes.” 

Amos Nachoum www.biganimals.com


I was diving in Vanuatu on the wreck of the SS President Coolidge. Deep within the wreck is the primary artifact of this wreck, “The Lady” - a statue of a Victorian Lady and her white stallion. This dive is a penetration dive three levels inside of the wreck at depths of 154 feet. I didn’t realize how a strobe assembly could make that much difference until this dive. While divers around me were racking up serious decompression time adjusting and readjusting strobes, I was able to pivot my RS on the UltraLight Pivot, get the exact shots I wanted and get out of the wreck without earning dceompression time! When you are doing two deep dives a day on a wreck, speed and equipment performance are mandatory. My UltraLight system provided me with the efficiency necessary to get the job done safely. 

Judy Newton


Most strobe arm systems are rigid and as a result permit almost no strobe repositioning. The solution is a modular strobe arm support system that allows you reposition the strobes at will. The UltraLight strobe arms are light and my preference is for the buoyancy arms. The camera pivot allows me to switch INSTANTLY from a horizontal to a vertical composition. It seems strange to me that although there is no doubt that in photography “light” and “direction of light” are perhaps the most crucial parameters to a good photo, most underwater photographers seem to pay little attention to the versility of their strobe arm positioning. 

Constantinos Petrinos