Scuba Show - Long Beach May - June 23-24

DEMA - Las Vegas - November 14-17


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Wee Fine Ring Light adapter - AD-WF




The first stick with a comfortable handle. This Eco-stick makes it easier to hold and place in a dead spot on the sand.

There is a threaded hole on one end that allows the addition of our BA-HB ball, so then you can add a clamp
and an action camera or other smaller camera to it. 
You may also add your favorite lanyard to the through hole in the other side.

 T Handle Eco stick       T Handleactioncam

New Trays for the Lenzo IPhone 6 housings.                        

  • TR-LE - Single tray can be mounted on the right or the left

Lenzoleftsm                    lenzoRightsm

  • TR-LD - Double tray, handles are the TR-DHB            BA-AQNL - Adapter for Lenzo housing

double tray1                     lenzoBA AQNLsm

  • TR-LE+ - Single tray for 6+ & 7+ housings                                                               TR-LD+ - Double tray for 6+ & 7+

TR LEweb                 TR LDweb


Snoots                       Snoots4                  Snoots3

The Light Shaping Device is made for your underwater flash.
The Light Shaping Device (LSD) works like a projector which takes light from your flash and pilot light to create a beam with a sharp image at the focus distance. The LSD uses elements like a lens, mask and a diffuser to generate the light beam.

Please go to the accessory page for more information our accessories page.

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