Affiliated Organizations

Why We're Proud Members of Our Affiliated Organizations

At Ultralight Camera Solutions, our unique position as a manufacturer of both underwater and cinema camera accessories has shaped our journey over the past 28+ years.

Though we may be seen as a small business competing in two diverse markets, it's the overlap between these realms that allows us to innovate and diversify, setting us apart from the competition. This distinctive blend of markets has provided opportunities for growth, collaboration, and sometimes even challenges.

Quality and Customer Service

What's been the constant driving force behind our success? The unmatched quality of our products and our commitment to stellar customer service. Every product we create is meticulously machined from top-tier US materials, hand-assembled, and packaged in our California warehouse. Our passion for quality reflects our promise to deliver the very best to our clients.

Collaborations and Affiliations

Our company values and diverse product line make it imperative to find the right dealers and partners. That's why we've aligned ourselves with organizations that share our core values and commitment to people. These affiliations not only bolster our mission but allow us to contribute and collaborate for shared success.

DEMA, The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association:

DEMA's annual professional trade show is a key event for us, offering opportunities to showcase our innovations, network with industry peers, and gain insights through seminars. Their support extends to marketing, sales, and research, and it was through a DEMA seminar that our collaboration with Technology Therapy Group began—a partnership that's been instrumental in Ultralight's growth.

DIA, Dive Industry Association:

DIA's focus on building a better industry resonates with our values. Their marketing insights and community-driven approach have been invaluable. Our connection with OCG Creative, who designed our stunning website, was forged through DIA membership.

SOC, Society of Camera Operators:

As a corporate member of the SOC, we enjoy access to educational programs, events, and networking opportunities tailored to the cinema industry. The SOC has been an ideal platform for us to deepen our understanding of cinematography and to contribute to the industry's growth. Our partnerships with brand ambassadors and testers in cinema have led to exciting advancements, with more thrilling developments on the horizon.

ULCS Memberships & Affiliations

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