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Cinematography brand ambassadors

Tiffany Aug

Tiffany Aug is a 1st assistant camera person (focus puller) in the Los Angeles area. She has primarily worked in television and commercial production since 2005. Originally from Philadelphia, Tiffany moved to Boston to attend school at Emerson College before moving her career to Los Angeles. She is also a community manager at focuspulleratwork.com.

Tiffany is the daughter of a mechanic and has always enjoyed taking things apart to learn how they work, only to put them back together- in a more efficient manner wherever possible. Over the years she has come to favor small, compact, lightweight camera builds ideal for work with gimbals and handheld operating. Ultralight Camera Solutions have been instrumental in her ability to build lightweight, sturdy cameras that can be quickly reconfigured for multiple shooting scenarios.

She is excited by the ever-changing field of digital cinematography and the new technologies and workflows it has shown her. The flexibility in this media is a key factor in what’s kept her interested in the field for these past 15 years. In recent years, she has been involved in projects featuring the adaptation and merging of cinema-style “large sensor” cameras into a traditional multi-cam “live to tape” workflow as well as applying this workflow to digital set extension and augmented reality applications. It was through this avenue that she met Ken Kollwitz and gained the opportunity to discuss with him the dry land aspects of his company’s products- from simple color coordinated multi-cam monitor arm setups to sturdy and well supported multiple point rigging options for focus pullers remote lens control system workstations. She remains excited to work with Ken at Ultralight to find new ways to use their products and help to push and find the limits of their product line.

Kjetil C. Astrup ULCS brand ambassador

Kjetil C. Astrup

Kjetil C. Astrup is an underwater cinematographer based in Norway. Travels the world filming both motion pictures and wildlife. He manages his company Cinemarine Norway, a dealer of Hydroflex in Scandinavia, and specializes in water-related gear and crew for the film industry.
His career started out in the Red Sea filming wildlife, and after finishing his education as a cinematographer in Australia, he specialized in underwater film from his home country Norway. One of the big benefits of Scandinavia is the possibility to shoot in both the ocean, fjords, arctic surf, lakes, and under the ice. Also, a lot of drama productions are executed in water tanks to ease logistics in terms of actors, lights, weather, and production design.
He enjoys both the excitement of filming white sharks outside Baja California and pulling off challenging scenes with actors in the big movies. His underwater work has been everything from Superbowl ads, to international commercials under the ice to Oscar nominations. He has served several years as jury leader for the Norwegian Championship in both underwater photography and videography. Kjetil is also an ambassador for the Norwegian (free) diving brand Frivannsliv, whom he cooperates a lot with when needing custom gear for film projects.
Check out more of Kjetils work here (http://www.kcastrup.com/) and Cinemarine Norway’s services here (https://cinemarine.no/)


Aurel Wunderer ULCS brand ambassador

Aurel Wunderer

Aurel Wunderer is a 1st assistant cameraman based in Munich, Germany. He started his first apprenticeship at a camera-rental company in 1997. By the end of 1999, he gained his first experience in focus pulling and completed the transition to a professional 1st AC by mid-2002.

Mainly pulling focus on 35mm film cameras in his first decade, Aurel got to travel all over Europe and other parts of the world, such as Kenya for the Academy Award-winning feature “Nowhere in Africa”. For the most part of his second decade, he shot mainly commercials and a feature or two per year. Since 2018 he transitioned back to fewer commercials but bigger features, international co-productions, and others shot in his hometown, as well as abroad.

Always in search of the optimum tools for the job and keen to improve the conditions and tools he works with, Aurel started handcrafting many an accessory over the years and got into 3D designing and printing a few years ago. Ultralight Cine Camera Accessories form an integral part of his camera builds; he’s happy to give his thoughts on improvements and aid the development of new Ultralight products.  Aurel is a community manager at focuspulleratwork.com and holds a CMAS ** and other diving certificates

Fabio Giolitti

Fabio Giolitti is a 1st AC based in Spain. He started out in 2011, thanks to the opportunity given to him by a well-known Italian DOP that somehow felt Fabio was ready to pull focus after only a few gigs as 2nd AC. Things went well and Fabio’s been pulling focus ever since.

Nowadays, he works mainly in feature films and tv shows. He has shot features in Italy, Spain, Morocco, the UK, the US, Israel, Bulgaria, and Turkey and still considers himself a junior focus puller after ten years. “Our job is so unpredictable that I think that anyone with less than 15 years experience is a rookie” is one of his favorite sentences. Nevertheless, he was lucky enough to get to work with academy award-winning directors such as Pedro Almodovar and Oliver Hirschbiegel.

Before getting into the industry, Fabio has always been passionate about cameras, lenses, and cinema gear in general. The search for the perfect build is always something he strives for, doesn’t matter if you are speaking about a camera or a focus station.

Fabio is one of the earliest community managers for the group, Focuspullersatwork. It was through their website, www.focuspulleratwork.com where he got in touch with ULCS and it was love at first sight. “I often work in production where the efficiency and speed are crucial, so I’m always searching for accessories and rigging solutions that are both reliable and lightweight. My focus station is now built entirely with ULCS pieces, which keep my gear solidly rigged but are not bulky nor heavy, so when I need to move, I can be fast without worrying about my hand unit or monitor falling down!”

Fabio was delighted to start working with Ken as an Ultralight Camera Solutions brand ambassador and beta tester, starting what he hopes will be a long and fruitful relationship.

Underwater brand ambassadors

Mike Bartick

Mike Bartick is a working Underwater Photographer residing in Anilao, Philippines, and a photo pro at Crystal Blue Resort.

Originally from Southern California, he has an insatiable love for finding unique marine life and telling their story through photos and video. Mike is a widely published, award-winning photographer, writer, and international public speaker with work appearing monthly in various publications, aquariums, and museums.

He hosts photo clinics, workshops, and seminars at Crystal Blue Resort, concentrating on the different aspects of Underwater Photography and the natural history of southeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific. Mike is also a Global Ambassador for Sea & Sea underwater imaging, Kraken Sports and Retra UWT and works with various companies to bring quality products to market.

For more information, please contact Mike at saltwaterphoto@live.com or mike@divecbr.com

Brent Durand

Brent Durand is an avid California scuba diver, surfer, writer, and photographer.

He has been diving for almost 25 years, worked as Editor-in-Chief of the Underwater Photography Guide for over 5 years, and served as an Imaging Expert at Scuba Diving Magazine and Sport Diver. He writes for numerous dive publications and takes on photo and video assignments as time permits.

Brent’s photography is widely published in print worldwide, in advertising, and across the web. He has written for most of the top scuba publications and has a reputation for insightful-yet-simple reviews and tutorial articles.

Clients include scuba brands, dive resorts, tourism boards, and underwater camera equipment manufacturers like Ultralight Camera Solutions Inc.

Brent has led underwater photo workshops in the Bahamas, California, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka, helping hundreds of guests take their photography to the next level.

Check out more about Brent and his work on his website.

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