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Cinematography brand ambassadors

Tiffany Aug

Los Angeles, CA

Tiffany Aug is a 1st assistant camera person (focus puller) in the Los Angeles area. She has primarily worked in television and commercial production since 2005. Originally from Philadelphia, Tiffany moved to Boston to attend school at Emerson College before moving her career to Los Angeles. She is also a community manager at focuspulleratwork.com.

Tiffany is the daughter of a mechanic and has always enjoyed taking things apart to learn how they work, only to put them back together- in a more efficient manner wherever possible. Over the years she has come to favor small, compact, lightweight camera builds ideal for work with gimbals and handheld operating. Ultralight Camera Solutions has been instrumental in her ability to build lightweight, sturdy cameras that can be quickly reconfigured for multiple shooting scenarios.

She is excited by the ever-changing field of digital cinematography and the new technologies and workflows it has shown her. The flexibility in this media is a key factor in what’s kept her interested in the field for these past 15 years. In recent years, she has been involved in projects featuring the adaptation and merging of cinema-style “large sensor” cameras into a traditional multi-cam “live to tape” workflow as well as applying this workflow to digital set extension and augmented reality applications. It was through this avenue that she met Ken Kollwitz and gained the opportunity to discuss with him the dry land aspects of his company’s products- from simple color-coordinated multi-cam monitor arm setups to sturdy and well-supported multiple point rigging options for focus pullers remote lens control system workstations. She remains excited to work with Ken at Ultralight to find new ways to use their products and help to push and find the limits of their product line.

For more information, you can find Tiffany on Instagram and her IMDb page

philip smith ulcs brand ambassador

Philip Smith

England, UK

Born and raised in New Zealand, Philip is a 1st AC based in England having moved to the UK in 2014. He lives with his wife, and two cockapoo dogs and has two adult daughters.

In 2005, Philip was the 2nd AC for American and the 1st AC for Jimmy Jensen on the Newton Thomas Siegel shot Superman Returns in Sydney Australia. It was with Jimmy that he was first introduced to the Ultralight system and has been a fan of the system's use ever since.

He worked on movies such as The Lord of the Rings, The Last Samurai, and Avatar as a 2nd AC in New Zealand.

Shortly after working on Mad Max Fury Rd in 2012 as a 1st AC, he moved to the UK. Working on Mad Max was great having been able to use the Ultralight system to perfect the position of monitors and accessories.

The recent expansion of ULCS products has Philip looking forward to being involved with the company and in future product development.

For more information about Philip, check out his IMDb page

matteo aloisi ulcs brand ambassador

Matteo Aloisi

Rome, Italy

Matteo is a young second assistant camera from Rome, Italy. His passion for the job and everything around it started in high school, where he studied in the “Roberto Rossellini” in Rome, which is a cinema and television school. In the 4th year of school, one of his teachers asked if he wanted to be part of a small Italian movie as a trainee, and he ended the 5th year of school with two movies done.

Now Matteo works on Italian feature films, commercials, and TV series.

He thinks that every work needs a completely different camera rig and that’s the part of the job that he likes more, creating and adapting new camera rigs for every need. He likes to stay updated with all the new accessories and technologies that come out. There’s one thing he never will change, on the cameras, either Arri, red, or Sony is that he will always use ULCS arms because they are very strong but light at the same time and allow him to offer the camera operator the best solution for the onboard monitor and more.

Matteo says I’m very happy to be part of the ULCS family since I always loved the products, now that I can do something to support what I always loved makes me smile! “

For more information, you can find Matteo on Instagram and IMDb

Joseph Kfoury

United Arab Emirates

Meet Joseph Kfoury, hailing from Zahle, Lebanon, and currently based in the UAE. Joseph is a distinguished figure in the cinema industry, carving a remarkable 20-year journey marked by unwavering dedication and a global footprint. As a seasoned Focus Puller, his craft intricately weaves into the fabric of major international productions, adding a nuanced touch to each frame. Beyond his role behind the camera, he takes pride in being the owner of OCDfilmgear. This venture is not just a business but a passion-fueled commitment. They meticulously curate a diverse range of top-tier camera accessories and consumables, where every detail reflects their relentless pursuit of excellence. Their venture's core lies in a dedication to innovation and quality, serving as a cornerstone in catering to the diverse needs of professionals in the dynamic realm of cinematography. Join Joseph on this cinematic odyssey, where expertise converges with creativity, and each frame becomes a narrative. Meet Joseph Kfoury, bridging the gap between vision and reality, one focused pull at a time, and inviting you to be part of his captivating journey

For more information, you can find Joseph on Instagram, FaceBook and IMDb. Also on FaceBook under OCDfilmgear.

fabio giolitti ultralight brand ambassador

Fabio Giolitti

Madrid, Spain

Fabio was born in Milan, Italy on May 11th 1983. Since he was 14 he had a great interest for cameras and the film industry. When he finished college, he went straight to the Centre de Estudis Cinematografics de Catalunya, a film school based in Barcelona. While at the film school he was lucky enough to meet professor Guillem Huertas who was the key first AC of productions on the The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, Jurassic World and an academy award’s nominee for The Society of the Snow.

From then on, Fabio knew he wanted to be a first AC and has been in the business since 2011. He has shot roughly 15 feature films, almost 20 TV shows and commercials in Spain, Italy, Turkey, USA, UK, Bulgaria, and Morocco. He also has collaborated with Academy Award Nominated and Winner directors such as Pedro Almodovar and Oliver Hirschbiegel.

Fabio is also an equipment freak, so when he got the chance to team up with ULCS, he had no doubt about it.

For more information, you can find Fabio on Instagram and his IMDb page

Underwater Cinematography brand ambassadors

Kjetil C. Astrup ULCS brand ambassador

Kjetil C. Astrup

Oslo, Norway

Kjetil C. Astrup is an underwater cinematographer based in Norway. Travels the world filming both motion pictures and wildlife. He manages his company Cinemarine Norway, a dealer of Hydroflex in Scandinavia, and specializes in water-related gear and crew for the film industry.

His career started in the Red Sea filming wildlife, and after finishing his education as a cinematographer in Australia, he specialized in underwater film from his home country Norway. One of the big benefits of Scandinavia is the possibility to shoot in both the ocean, fjords, arctic surf, lakes, and under the ice. Also, a lot of drama productions are executed in water tanks to ease logistics in terms of actors, lights, weather, and production design.

He enjoys both the excitement of filming white sharks outside Baja California and pulling off challenging scenes with actors in the big movies. His underwater work has been everything from Superbowl ads to international commercials under the ice to Oscar nominations. He has served several years as jury leader for the Norwegian Championship in both underwater photography and videography. Kjetil is also an ambassador for the Norwegian (free) diving brand Frivannsliv, whom he cooperates a lot with when needing custom gear for film projects.

For more information, you can find Kjetil at his Cinematography website, his business Cinemarine, Instagram, and his IMDb page.

julian gunther ulcs brand ambassador

Julian Gunther

Houston, TX

Julian Gunther is an award-winning underwater photographer and expedition leader based out of Houston, Texas.  He is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.  He is known for leading trips for Big Fish Expeditions to such far-flung places as Argentina's Patagonian coast and the Brazilian Pantanal.

Julian's photos and videos have been featured on Discovery's Shark Week, Nat Geo Channel, the BBC, MSNBC, and others.  He maintains a particular affinity for shooting less conventional animals such as Anacondas, Crocodilians, Southern Right Whales, and the like.  His two main focuses are to shoot Greenland Sharks or Bowhead Whales in the near future, and to continue passing on his love of nature to his four-year-old daughter.

For more information about Julian, you can find him at his Julian Gunther Photography website, and Instagram.

fan ping ultralight brand ambassador

Fan Ping

Atlanta, GA

Fan Ping is a Chinese photographer and filmmaker based in Atlanta, USA, dedicated to showing the beauty of the underwater world to people through his lens.

He is specialized in combining artistic elements with nature and complex lighting skills in overhead environment, and this artistic style has brought him international acclaim, including awards from many major underwater photo/video competitions.

He started diving in 2013 in Southeast Asia, brought his camera underwater the same year. Started cave diving in Mexico in 2015 on sidemount configuration, then started technical diving with GUE in 2018 and now dives on JJ CCR, O2ptima Chestmount CCR and Liberty Sidemount CCR. He became a member of Karst Underwater Research in 2022 and actively dives the underwater caves in North and Central Florida.

Ping is currently a TDISDI instructor, PADI instructor and Ambassador Photographer in China, as well as Discovery Chanel photographer.

For more information about Ping, please visit bewaterimaging.com, or he can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Underwater brand ambassadors

brent durand ulcs brand ambassador

Brent Durand

San Francisco Bay area, CA

Brent is an avid California scuba diver, surfer, writer, photographer, media producer, and marketer.

Brent has been diving since 1997 and working full-time in the dive and underwater imaging industries since early 2013. His client list includes tourism boards, dive resorts, camera equipment manufacturers, dive equipment manufacturers, publishers, and media companies. He works full-time as a Brand Evangelist at SCUBAPRO, writes monthly for Scuba Diving Magazine, and contributes to other scuba publications as time permits.

Brent has presented to dive clubs and organizations up and down the U.S. West Coast. He has produced and directed content shoots globally, applying his marketing background to maximize investment in strategy, execution, and content distribution.

Brent has led underwater photo workshops in the Bahamas, California, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka, helping hundreds of guests take their photography to the next level. His online photo instruction includes hours of video tutorials available at Brent Durand Underwater, plus downloadable photo courses, gear guides, and more.

Social links-Instagram @brentdurand, https://brentdurand.com/, https://www.youtube.com/c/brentdurand

For more information, you can find Brent at his photography website, YouTube channel, and Instagram


Mike Bartick

Anilao, Philippines

Mike Bartick is a working Underwater Photographer residing in Anilao, Philippines, and a photo pro at Crystal Blue Resort.

Originally from Southern California, he has an insatiable love for finding unique marine life and telling their story through photos and video. Mike is a widely published, award-winning photographer, writer, and international public speaker with work appearing monthly in various publications, aquariums, and museums.

He hosts photo clinics, workshops, and seminars at Crystal Blue Resort, concentrating on the different aspects of Underwater Photography and the natural history of Southeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific. Mike is also a Global Ambassador for Sea & Sea underwater imaging, Kraken Sports, and Retra UWT and works with various companies to bring quality products to market.

For more information, you can find Mike at his photography website, the Crystal Blue Resort, and on Instagram,  and Facebook

chad nuttall ulcs brand ambassador

Chad Nuttall

Saba Island, Caribbean Netherlands

Chad, a U.S. Army Veteran, brings a unique blend of resilience, passion, and self-taught expertise to his role as a brand ambassador for Ultralight Camera Solutions. As the co-owner of Sea Saba—a diving operation established in 1985 and acquired by Chad and his wife Katy in 2021—he is firmly rooted in the diving community of the Dutch Caribbean's picturesque island of Saba.

Initially entering underwater photography as a hobbyist with no formal training, Chad has cultivated a deep love for the art and an unending desire to improve. His real-world experiences align with those of the average hobbyist, and his endless research and attention to detail have led him to appreciate the value of reliable, quality accessories for camera rigs, making him a natural fit for representing Ultralight Camera Solutions.

At Sea Saba, Chad uses his real-world, hands-on photography experiences to guide diving enthusiasts into the fascinating world of underwater photography. As a brand ambassador, he aims to bridge the gap between amateur and enthusiast photographers, offering practical tips and personalized advice for optimizing your underwater camera rig with Ultralight Camera Solutions' accessories.

For more information, tips, or to dive deeper into the world of underwater photography, you can find Chad at his Sea Saba website, Facebook, and Instagram

karin farin ulcs brand ambassador

Karin Farin

Pasadena, CA

Kian is co-owner of Zen Dive Co., a new community-focused dive center in Pasadena, California. He has over a decade of experience diving in Southern California and growing the dive community by training divers and fostering their desire to explore the underwater world. Kian is a technical diver and cave diver with over 2000+ dives, the majority of which are here in Southern California. He helped with the launch and operations of Ghost Diving USA, a non-profit organization that utilizes technical divers to locate, remove, and upcycle lost and abandoned fishing nets. He has worked as a diver and a consultant for Disney, HBO, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic, amongst others.

He has a passion for visual storytelling. Through photo and video, he aspires to tell the stories that go untold and to share the wonders of the underwater world with everyone. His tools include a Sony A7III, Nikkonos V, and GoPro. He is most at home cruising the kelp forests of the Channel Islands with his trusty Nikonos V in hand. When the SCUBA gear comes off, you can find him freediving or surfing our local beaches.

You can find Karin primarily on Instagram

gabe hearnshaw ulcs brand ambassador

Gabe Hearnshaw

England, UK

Gabe Hearnshaw is a distinguished nature and conservation photographer with a specific affinity for the vast expanses of our oceans. A firm believer in the transformative power of the natural world, Gabe has dedicated the last few years to the exploration and preservation of our marine environments.

He is a seasoned photographer, a proficient free diver, a PADI-certified scuba diver, and a newly trained snorkeling instructor. Inspired by Ocean Ambassador Cal Major's SUP adventures, Gabe has recently ventured into the realm of paddleboarding, further enhancing his relationship with the world's waterways.

Gabe's passion transcends the boundaries of exploration and conservation; he is also deeply committed to supporting individuals in their mental health journey. His past role as an on-call firefighter, where he served as a TRiM practitioner, has given him firsthand insight into the importance of mental well-being. Now, he uses his experiences as an Ambassador for Seaful Charity, using his mesmerizing underwater photography as a therapeutic tool for managing his mental health and as a way for others to establish a deep connection with water.

For more information, you can find Gabe at his Gabe Hearnshaw Photography website,  Facebook, or Instagram

laura tesler ulcs brand ambassador

Laura Tesler

Salem, Oregon

Laura Tesler lives in Salem, Oregon. She grew up in Michigan, watching the Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau and old Sea Hunt episodes.  She was OW certified in 2005, eventually gaining her Divemaster certification in December 2014.

Laura’s father was a photojournalist, and she had the benefit of his training and skill. She started diving with her first camera in 2007. She loves traveling and diving to cold and warm water locations. She is a certified level 5 Pacific Northwest REEF surveyor and dives for ReefCheck

She has 800+ cold water dives and her favorite cold-water place is British Columbia. British Columbia has the most amazing walls that are encrusted with anemones, fish, kelp, nudibranchs, and … life. Her favorite warm water place is split between the southern Red Sea and the Bloody Bay Marine Wall Park on Little Cayman.

Her favorite species to photograph are rockfish (Sebastes spp.) and nudibranchs plus she has been experimenting with blackwater photography in the Pacific Northwest.

Laura lives with her husband and son who are both certified non-divers and great shore support. She went to school to be a fisheries biologist with a focus on inland freshwater fisheries and is currently gainfully employed (for 26 years) as a project manager for a state agency. When she retires, she looks forward to making her side photo gig into a more full-time business of promoting Pacific Northwest ocean life through her pictures and traveling.

For more information about Laura, you can find her at her Laura Tesler Photography website, Instagram, and Facebook

Bryan Blauvelt-Ultralight Brand Ambassador

Bryan Blauvelt

Houston, TX

Bryan began diving in 1991 at the age of 12, and first picked up a camera shortly thereafter in a high school photography course. It didn’t take long until these two interests merged, but it wasn’t until 20 years, a career as a web developer, and a wife and two sons later that he became more serious about creating underwater images that captivate.

Based outside of Houston, Texas, Bryan now works seasonally as a scuba instructor and trip leader for Texan Scuba. He travels the world in search of mind-blowing reef scenery and creature encounters, from nudibranchs to humpback whales. Bryan gets in 150+ photography dives per year and loves using his Ultralight products.

For more information about Bryan, you can find him at Instagram and Facebook.

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