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Our Values

At Ultralight Camera Solutions, we highly value our core beliefs. They’re what motivate us to bring our “A” game to every client project and order that comes our way. If we had a "coat of arms," it would incorporate the following qualities.

Honesty and Loyalty

These two interconnected values have been key to 28+ years of success here at Ultralight. Our team prioritizes transparency and commitment in every interaction, both internally with our amazing staff and externally with our wonderful clients.


Ever since Ultralight was founded, we’ve made our products with US-made materials and do all assembly by hand at our warehouse in Oxnard, CA. And we plan on carrying on this tradition of quality for decades to come. We believe in making products of the highest caliber that will stand the tests of time and the harshest of environments.


A spirit of adventure drives us to be better than we are everyday at Ultralight as we bring underwater photographers, videographers, and cinematographers the best equipment to elevate their projects and professions. This playful and pioneering perspective also helps us come up with exciting new ideas that eventually become new products to add to our collection.


When you work with Ultralight, it feels more like collaborating with family than partnering with a business. That’s because we live and breathe relationships, both when we’re on the job and when we’re at home spending time with some of our favorite people. For many of us, our family is what keeps us going through the highs and lows of life.


Repeat customers turn to Ultralight because of our stellar reputation. We have a heritage of treating employees and customers with respect and producing quality products. You’ll experience the benefits of an honest and proactive team each time you submit an inquiry, order a product, or contact us with questions or concerns.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service can be hard to find in a business, but it’s our default here at Ultralight. The golden rule is part of our DNA. We pride ourselves in being one of the few businesses that you can call to speak directly with the owner when you have questions and need to brainstorm solutions.

What Our Customers Are Saying...


  • I've been using Ultralight clamps and connectors for years and have had nothing but great luck with them. They are also incredibly responsive to inquiries about their products.

    Specifically, I absolutely love the cut-out clamps which allow you to position your strobes in almost any position. These clamps are a total game-changer for strobe positioning and I would never go back to standard clamps after trying these.

    -Hank Kollross
  • Ultralight Control Systems offers a quality product at an affordable price. The arm kits were exactly what we needed to mount monitors to cinema cameras. We put them to the test and they withstood repeated use. Very pleased with them!

    Ken at Ultralight also provided our group with tremendous support for an event. Not only does he offer this excellent product but he is personable and available for questions and feedback. It is awesome to have business owners who truly want to connect with their customers.

    -600 Los Angeles Young Workers Group
  • The Ultralight clamps are truly exceptional for any underwater photography setup. Their precision and control in positioning strobes or lights surpasses any other brand on the market. I have tried numerous alternatives, but none compare to the quality and durability of Ultralight. I highly recommend them for their reliability and long-lasting performance.

    -Valerio M
  • Wonderful, durable, American made arms and clamps - I bought mine at Bluewater Photo in 2010 and they are still going strong after literally thousands of dives!! I haven't even replaced my orings on the arms yet (Sorry Ken - I know I should!). Ken, the owner of Ultralight, is a personal friend and a wonderful dive buddy - it's nice knowing that the person behind your gear, and knowing the hard work they put behind it.

    -Nirupam Nigam
  • Excellent customer service and amazing original product by the original product manufacturer. 10/10 best camera support arm system I use.

    -Tiffany Aug
  • I am a professional underwater photographer and filmmaker, I have been using Ultralight parts on my underwater camera housing for 10 years now. It is no doubt the most reliable brand I have ever used, the ecosystem will also allow you to freely customize your rig according to the type of diving you do to make the job easier, from GoPro to a RED. Highly recommended.

    -Fan Ping

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