February 15, 2024

Ultralight arms and clamps from past to present

It's interesting how things unfold over time. Ultralight kickstarted its journey in 1994, manufacturing camera accessories specifically tailored for underwater photographers. In the early days, our focus revolved around creating arms, clamps, strobe adapters, trays, and base adapters compatible with camera and housings from Nikonos, Subal, Nauticam, and Aquatica. While the product lineup has evolved, one thing has stood the test of time, our arms and clamps.

In fact, Ultralight pioneered the design of the arms and clamps that remain integral to our offerings today. A glance at other manufacturers reveals the imitation of our tried-and-true clamps, T-knobs, and arms. Rather than being irked by this, I see it as a compliment. After all, they wouldn't replicate our products if they weren't reliable and effective amidst changes in camera housings, strobes, lights, and other equipment.

Our products boast longevity and resilience in diverse environments. Early on, cinema camera assistants discovered the versatility of our products. Using our AD-1420 or AD-3816 paired with AC-CSF clamps, DB-05 arms, and a monitor mount like our AC-MB allows for superior camera monitor angles compared to alternatives. Interestingly, these parts were initially sourced from our underwater dealers.

These products have become staples for Ultralight, enduring replication by others. We were also trailblazers in introducing O-rings around the center of each ball end. Fast forward to 2010, we innovated further with the AC-CSF clamp featuring a cutout, now known as the AC-CSSK. Dubbed the Sues knuckle, this, along with the triple clamp AC-TCSJK or Jacks Knuckle, was a collaboration with Jack and Sue Drafahl, original owners of Ultralight.

These clamps played a pivotal role in Ultralight's push into the cinema industry while continuing to benefit the underwater industry. The cutout clamps, along with the double cutout clamps we now offer, allowed unprecedented arm positioning, a novelty introduced by Ultralight.

A serendipitous moment occurred with the double cutout clamps. A mistake led to the creation of these clamps such as the AC-CSSK2, initially sitting in a bag until brought to attention in a camera assistant Facebook group. The positive response paved the way for their addition to the Ultralight lineup, and they've since become a success among underwater photographers. Even these double cutout clamps are now imitated by other manufacturers, turning my unintentional mistake into a valuable contribution.

ultralight cutout ball clamps

This blog has been an enjoyable journey, delving into past data, recalling memories, and narrating the story of Ultralight—a story that deserves to be told. We've been at the forefront of many firsts, and our commitment to innovation ensures we're not stopping anytime soon. Like our products, we aim to endure and leave a lasting legacy!

Ultralight Camera Solutions is a leading provider of high-quality underwater photography equipment catering to professionals and enthusiasts alike. Our products are all manufactured, assembled, and packaged in the US with US materials and have a lifetime warranty. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Ultralight continues to push the boundaries of underwater imaging technology.

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