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360 AC-LHH2 mounted on Nauticam housing handles AC-LHC2 and AC-LH2 mounted on Ultralight parts AC-LH2, AC-LHC2 and AC-LHH2 lanyard holders AC-LH2 mounted on handle and arm ultralight AC-LY20 nd AC-LY24 camera carry handles

AC-LY20-camera carry handle

MSRP $28.95

Ultralight AC-LY20 20" camera carry handle with stainless steel bolt snaps

Weight 0.340 lbs ( 0.15 kg )
Dimensions 20 x 1 x 1 in ( 50.8 x 2.54 x 2.54 cm )
Product Use

Cinematography, Underwater

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    • The AC-LY20 is a 20" lanyard or camera carry handle designed to attach to two mounting points of a camera rig so it can be carried safely.
    • They are made from diamond braid nylon rope with an outer reinforced clear rubber hose
    • Comes with two removable 316 stainless steel bolt snaps attached at each end.
    • The lanyard/carry handles are an excellent addition to any camera rig making it much easier to carry the camera around and to hand it from person to person without dropping or damaging it.
    • Will work in the harshest of environments and built to last

    Introducing the AC-LY20: a game-changing 20" camera rig lanyard & carry handle designed for ultimate shooting convenience. Crafted from durable diamond braid nylon & reinforced rubber, it withstands the harshest environments. Securely attach it to your rig, enjoy easy transport, and shoot confidently. With two removable stainless steel bolt snaps, it ensures a reliable connection. Elevate your photography today with the AC-LY20 - the must-have addition to your camera setup for enhanced workflow & peace of mind.

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Weight 0.340 lbs ( 0.15 kg )
Dimensions 20 x 1 x 1 in ( 50.8 x 2.54 x 2.54 cm )
Product Use

Cinematography, Underwater

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