January 15, 2024

Ultralight's newest innovation: Sled Kits for the Creative Photographer

At Ultralight Camera Solutions (ULCS), we pride ourselves on innovation, and our camera sled kits and accessories are a testament to that. These kits have gained international acclaim among professional underwater photographers and cinematographers, and for good reason.

Our CSK-SLDL and CSK-SLDM sled kits are designed to revolutionize underwater photography, offering unparalleled functionality and compatibility with all camera models. Central to these kits is our user-friendly TRI-TRAY, which ensures stability for your camera by using two side rails and four adjustable heavy-duty brackets. What sets our sled kits apart is their versatility both underwater and on land. Photographers can confidently place their sled-mounted camera on any flat surface without worry. The sled is extremely stable and sits high enough off the bottom to protect the largest of dome ports.

Adding to the functionality is our updated TR-MBK monitor kit, which includes the TR-MB rear mounting bracket, AD-1420 ball adapter, and AC-TKB special knob. This kit bolts to the bottom of the TRI-TRAY and allows for easy adjustment of monitors, providing endless possibilities when paired with our longer double cutout clamp like the AC-CSLSK2 or the AC-CSLXLSK2.

To complement our sled kits, we now offer two new accessory kits. The first is a camera sled sliding weight system, designed to perfectly balance the sled with stainless-steel weights and T-nuts that fit seamlessly into the side rails. This system enhances the user experience and ensures stunning underwater shots. The other new accessory kit is the SB-04-BCK, a small single-ball arm customized to work with our long double cutout clamps. It enables users to mount two large buoyancy floats above the camera.

To add to all the excitment we also have just added our CSK-WS camera sled kit . The weight kit includes all hardware and 1 lb. of stainless steel weights that can be made to slide back and forth in 3/8" the rail slots with the use of a special t-nut or the weights can be bolted almost anywhere the user requires. Extra weights and the t-nuts are available.

Our team is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations, and the positive feedback from our Brand Ambassadors and customers reaffirms our commitment to innovation and quality.

For a closer look at our ULCS Underwater Camera Sled Tray Kits, CSK-WS camera sled weight kit, SB-04-BCK arm, and our sleds kits in action, check out our YouTube video here. To learn more about ULCS and explore our full range of products, visit our website at ulcs.com.

Ultralight Camera Solutions leads the way in providing high-quality underwater photography equipment, manufactured with care in the US using US materials and backed by a lifetime warranty. With a dedication to innovation and excellence, ULCS continues to push the boundaries of underwater imaging technology.

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